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Sustainable individual solid surfaces made from 100% recycled glass bottles making it 100% recycable at end of life for use in commercial projects.


Diamik Glass's recycled glass bottle surfaces are unique and individual, made by crushing waste glass bottles that are then fused in energy efficient kilns to produce an eco-friendly solid surface. Perfect for fabrication using traditional and modern stone masonry skills, our sustainable material is amazingly beautiful and doesn't compromise on quality. We have a vast colour pallet with traditional bottle colours and special edition tones depending on the feed stock available. The manufactured sheets of fused art glass also fit within the SKA scheme in the following ways:

  • They are made from 100% recycled content (recycled glass bottles)
  • They are 100% recyclable after use (the glass can be melted down and made into
    new glass)
  • Fusing waste glass produces zero C02 emissions.
  • They qualify as a 'Quick Fix' under the SKA scheme.
  • They benefit both the Retail and Office schemes.

Sample Bar Installation


This unique surface was certainly a hit with the new bar owner.



We can manufacture feature tiles for almost any commercial application.